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My interest in photography started in my early teens when I was given a second-hand Praktica, rolls of B&W film and an old Gnome enlarger. I turned the bath-room into a makeshift darkroom, and have never looked back since. On leaving school I went to work in a camera shop in Nottingham for 3 years. Then came a big shock to the system as I then joined the RAF as an air photographic processor, and enjoyed many detachments both in the UK and abroad. Ten years later it was time for me to seek pastures new and I ended up at Loughborough University as a photographer. Twenty five years later I’m still there, enjoying my ever developing role (no pun intended). Out of work, my passion is for sports and landscape photography and I can often be seen at sporting venues or in the Peak District. I recently decided to enter the world of exhibition photography and work towards gaining distinctions. With exhibition acceptances all over the world, including USA,Australia,Europe and Asia.

Gillian Young: DPAGB AFIAP PSA3* BPE3*

I was initially introduced to photography in any seriousness in the 6th Form. A darkroom quickly followed and I was off. My first job, a role in a camera shop didn’t last long, life happened, and although I retained my desire to create images, my passion lay dormant until, after the digital age had made its mark, I found myself in a position to buy a new camera. Out with the SLR, in with the DSLR. Heaven arriveth! Editing software was a dream come true. In 2009 I took part in a Photo Marathon and won! Amazed and inspired, I joined a camera club. Then surrounded by fellow enthusiasts I learnt how to take my images forward. With great ideas being bounced between members, competitions to inspire and techniques to share, I thoroughly enjoy this time together. Life is now full of dreams of new kit, exploring new locations and taking on new challenges. Recent achievements include numerous N&EMPF, FIAP, PSA and BPE exhibition acceptances, UK magazine publication, book contributions, a wedding and official photographer for a Royal visit! I shoot primarily because I enjoy both taking photographs and recording wonderful scenes, and I also enjoy post-production editing.

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